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We are an official Nissan Lease return center which means no matter where you leased your Nissan, you can return it here. We make it easy and convenient with no appointment necessary and little wait times when you get here. We process all lease end paperwork, and offer several options including: vehicle drop off, vehicle purchase, and a seamless hassle-free vehicle exchange process. Plus, you may qualify for Nissan Lease Loyalty incentives. Get started today at Oxford's Authorized Nissan Lease Return Center.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take?

Returning your lease takes less than 30 minutes. There is minimal paperwork to sign, and we will help you remove your license plate.

I bought my car somewhere else, can I return it there?

Yes. Benton Nissan will take Nissan and INFINITI lease returns purchased from any Nissan or INFINITI dealership.

What do I need to bring?

You will need to bring your Nissan or INFINIT vehicle, all keys, owner manuals, a copy of your final lease inspection report and yourself!

Do I need to make an appointment to turn in my lease?

There is no appointment necessary. You can return your lease Monday-Saturday between 9am-8pm (closed Sundays).

What are your lease return hours and days?

Monday-Saturday between 9am-8pm (closed Sundays).

Where do I pay the disposition fee?

If there are any additional fees owed, Nissan Motor Acceptance Corporation will send you a bill after your lease is returned.

Can I return my lease early?

Yes. All early lease returns must be verified by the customer with Nissan Motor Acceptance Corporation by calling 1-800-777-7018. If you plan on getting a New Nissan, you can contact Benton Nissan's sales team at (256) 831-8882.

What's the difference between a pre-inspection and final inspection?

A pre-inspection is complete by scheduling an appointment with Nissan and can be done at your home or workplace. The final inspection takes place after your lease is turned in. Any fee(s) or money owed will be billed to you from Nissan Motor Acceptance Corporation.

Who is responsible for the damages?

Nissan offers up to $500 worth of credit toward any vehicle damage. Anything in excess will be billed to the customer via Nissan Motor Acceptance Corporation.

Can you do the work to repair the damages?

Yes. Benton Nissan Service Center can repair damages. For an estimate or to schedule an appointment please call (256) 831-8882.

What about my over miles?

Mileage overages will be assessed at the time of the final inspection. Anything in excess will be billed to the customer via Nissan Motor Acceptance Corporation. You also have the option to trade in the vehicle and avoid any excess mileage charges/overages.

Does the car have to be inspected before returning it?

No. But Benton Nissan highly recommends getting the vehicle inspected before returning it.

Can I return the leased vehicle and lease a new car all in the same day?

Yes! A Benton Nissan Team Member can help you look into the option of purchasing another vehicle or even help you purchase out your current lease.

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